Grounded in the philosophy that hands are meant for helping. We support children's organizations that are actively promoting volunteerism.

WeeWork's life cycle of giving

WeeWork Foundation is a private operating foundation partnering with non-profit organizations growing volunteerism within their communities. We provide Creative Giving projects for the children they serve so they, too, can experience the joys of giving and plant their own seeds of good throughout their community. Double the fun, double the impact!


Your donation goes further than the hands of an organization, reaching children in the form of hands-on Creative Giving projects. 


We show that little acts can make a big difference

Inspired 11,086 children

Partnered with over 48 non-profit beneficiaries

Donated over $67,000 worth of supplies

Distributed 646 craft projects to children in need and counting

The Life Cycle of WeeWork in action

WeeWork Foundation donates craft projects to children's organization, like the Boys and Girls Club, so the youth that they serve have opportunities to give.

“We think everyone needs a friend or someone who cares about them.” 

Boys and Girls Club children become volunteers.

"Our favorite thing to give is food to people that are hungry.”

Boys and Girls Club children experience the joy of giving back.

“Helping others makes us feel happy.”

Boys and Girls Club children are empowered to build better communities.

Then, that children's organization donates the completed crafts to another organization within the community. In this case, supplies went to the Humane Society to benefit an animal in need. 

This is a photo of Vanna with her new mom and their WeeWork bag. They both loved the thoughtful gifts!

Vanna is a 3-year-old pit bull mix who was abandoned in May. She was tied to the Humane Society's fence injured, hungry, and in need of love and care. Now she's he world's happiest dog and she has a life full adventures ahead! 

- Sara Gromley, Public Relations Coordinator at Humane Society of Southern Arizona

Double the fun, double the impact!

If you'd like to become a partner and beneficiary of our projects, we'd love to hear from you.

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