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WeeWork Foundation is the non-profit arm of WeeWork for Good, a social good business that manufacturers Creative Giving projects for children, teens, and their families. This foundation was created to support programs and organizations that work to inspire youth of all ages, and all income levels, to gift from their heart.

Every child deserves an opportunity to experience the joy of giving. With your financial support, we can provide funding to important service learning programs with a focus on youth, giving children and teens from families in need the opportunity to participate in volunteer programs. 

Meet the women behind WeeWorkTM

Kristen and Amy, fellow moms and great friends, were searching for a way to instill a lifelong spirit of service in their children, but kept coming up short when it came to opportunities that worked for the whole family, across a variety of service needs. That’s when WeeWork was born.

What started as a hands-on event in Tucson, Arizona has grown into an online movement that everyone, anywhere can participate in called WeeWork for Good. Today, WeeWork is an international organization, and Kristen and Amy have been joined by a third partner and fellow mom, Kerri.

Three Moms On A Mission


Mom to Jake, Lauren, Brooke, Madison, Cami

Retail Technology Executive


Mom to Grace, Gunner, Gage, Gatlin, Glenlynn

PhD in Accounting, Professor at University of Arizona


Mom to Harper, Reese, Maison

President/Owner Banc-Serv

Read a letter from Kristen, Amy, and Kerri

We believe in the power of service and the heart-transformation that happens when kids and teens truly understand the needs of others. That’s why we’re on a mission to inspire a lifelong spirit of compassion in youth everywhere. But we can’t do it without you.

Please join us in helping youth of all ages, and all income levels, experience the joy of giving. Your financial support funds important youth-focused service-learning programs, and makes it possible for children and teens in need to participate, too. We know it will make a big difference to their future, and the communities they grow up to live in. 

We hope you'll join us,

Kristen, Amy & Kerri

WeeWork roots run deep

Here's our history


Two moms on a mission

Kristen and Amy embark on their mission to teach their children the gift of serving in Tucson, Arizona inviting a close group of family friends to go out and serve the community with them.


WeeWork becomes an official non-profit!

WeeWork is established as a nonprofit. Local families and youth (WeeWorkers) are invited to participate in the first official in-person event-using their hands, time, and talent to serve someone in need. 


We're growing and making strong connections.

WeeWork is growing its membership and creating opportunity for children to give to those in need. Kristen and Amy form strong relationships with other national and grassroots nonprofit organizations


Kerri, Stacy, and Amanda join the WeeWork team! And we want to make the gift of giving accessible to families of every income level. 

Kerri, Stacy, and Amanda join the cause and launch the first WeeWork hands-on event in Indianapolis. This is the year we discover that the children we created WeeWork to serve would like to be part of the program, too. We work to find a way for families in need to participate at low or no cost, in order to allow all children to learn the gift of service. 


WeeWork for Good is created to fund service projects all over the world.

WeeWork For Good, a for-profit social enterprise, is founded to help rapidly scale manufacturing and distribution of service projects for youth around the world. This way, through corporate funding, families who don't have the means to purchase a WeeWork membership can still participate.


We take the first step in helping children and teens everywhere learn the value of service. 

WeeWork for Good sells its first quarterly deluxe membership and makes its first pledge to a child in need. This is the first step in achieving our vision of providing all children with opportunity to learn the value of service.

What's the difference between WeeWork Foundation and WeeWork for Good? 

Two sides of one mission

WeeWork for Good is a social good business whose mission is to provide funding to WeeWork Foundation and inspire children through hands-on learning to make an impact in people's lives. 

WeeWork Foundation, the nonprofit arm of WeeWork for Good, supports children's programs and organizations, which are working to instill a lifelong spirit of compassion in youth of all ages. 

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